Befriending Your Intuition

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How many of you actively rely on your intuition in the everyday of your life? Like knowing what people are going to say before they say it, or having a ‘hunch’ you should look for your lost keys in the freezer under the frozen peas.

We’re all intuitive, but using our intuition requires that we trust it will work for us. When we don’t trust our intuition, it’s like trying to tune into a classical musical station but assuming regardless of how hard  we try, we’re going to end up with blogtalk radio.


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When my now-angel-cat Billy went to the vet for a check up he was not given a clean bill of health. As a matter of fact, that event marked the beginning of Billy’s descent into illness and his transition.

Billy hated going to the vet. Yes, I know the majority of cats hate going to the vet, but Billy really. hated. going. to. the. vet.

While trying to honor his wants and still create and balance an effective medical care plan for him, I asked him if he thought it was necessary to have the recommended tests done. Billy gave a resounding ‘NO’. End of subject, no more talking. He even stalked out of the room, tail held high. Clearly the subject was closed from his perspective.

How can you take the word of a cat who detests going to the vet? So I tuned into Billy’s dear BFF, my Angel Cat Scheisters and asked him to weigh in on the subject.

Scheisters agreed with Billy, saying nothing new would be learned by having more tests done at this time. While I knew to the depth of my being that both Billy and Scheisters were speaking the truth, there was a part of me that was afraid to accept what they were saying.

If you’d like to read more of Billy’s story, you can do so here.


Have you experienced something like that? Wanting to believe your intuition, doubting it and then diving headlong into rationalization? Your intuition is simply another way, another sense, to take in information, yet we humans often stumble over or ignore that very helpful tool. We find it easier to deal with information that we can quantify, qualify and verify tangibly.

Just like learning to work with anything else, learning to trust and co-exist with your intuition as a reliable and trusted tool takes time, practice and patience. There is always the next step to take, the next lesson to learn, the next part to digest and integrate into your life. Which means you’re not controlling the experience, but recognizing how to navigate innately through an experience.

Intuition is broadened and refined one step at a time, one vet visit at a time.


On Wednesday, September 27 at 11:00 AM MOUNTAIN, I am offering a 75 minute online workshop on how to effectively develop and use your intuition to communicate with animals. The workshop begins  with basic information and moves towards practical experiences and exercises geared towards helping you access your intuition in your own distinctive way. Check your time here. It is held at LearnItLive and is $40USD. Registrants can access the class live or via the recording.

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If you are already communicating with animals, chances are you are a right-brained highly sensitive person who regularly uses your intuition either consciously or unconsciously. This workshop will show you different ways to broaden and polish what you’re already doing.

If you tend to operate more from your left brain (i.e. logical thinking, plays well with numbers etc.), don’t assume you are not intuitive or that the intuitive process is not available to you. We are all intuitive and just like a muscle, your intuition can be developed with practice. You’ll emerge from this workshop with clear steps on how to further claim and build your intuition.


  • Basics of intuition
  • How and why it works
  • Ways to consciously develop it
  • How to tell if it’s really your intuition or ‘just your imagination’
  • How to use it when communicating with animals

This workshop is a highly interactive experience, a dynamic mixture of lecture, Q&A, participant chat, and making connections with like-minded folks throughout the call. There will be time on the call to practice using your intuition and getting feedback. You will leave the class with clear steps on how to use your intuition when communicating with animals, resulting in you feeling way more comfortable and certain when communicating with animals!

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Here’s To New Beginnings,



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