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Signs of Colic

Q: What is colic? The term colic means abdominal pain, which can range from mild to life threatening or fatal. Colic itself is not a disease. If you suspect your horse is colicking, call your vet immediately. Q: What are the symptoms of colic? Profuse sweating Lying down more than usual Profuse sweating Getting up […]

Detachment in Animal Communication

Recently I ran across a blog posting entitled Animal Communicators: Fact or Fiction? What a marvelous title! I couldn’t resist reading this wonderful post as well as the comments that accompanied it. One of the comments expressed conflicting feelings about animal communication (not at all an uncommon experience) and went on to question a communicator’s […]

Spring Checklist for Horses

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Spring is here and it’s time to help your horses ease into the season. Here’s a checklist of items for you. Spring vaccinations – With good weather on the horizon, many horses will be traveling to shows, competitions, or going on trails. To make sure you’re taking a healthy horse to these events, have your […]

Pet Poisonous Plants

The following is a partial listing of common plants which are poisonous to varying degrees for your pets. If you think your pet has ingested this, call your vet, emergency vet or the poison hotline immediately. Amaryllis Avocado Azalea Buckeye Buckthorn Bulb flowers Burdock Buttercup Clematis Cocklebur Coffee Coffee Bean Daffodil Delphinium Dieffenbachia Eggplant English […]