Are The Bugs Bugging You?

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Wowsers, it’s been raining here for at least a week, it’s supposed to be raining most of this week, and the bugs are out. I’m in Illinois now, where I haven’t lived for almost 30 years, and I’m beginning to remember ALL the bugs that come out in the summer. (I don’t know why, but it seems that Minnesota has less bugs – maybe it has something to do with those -50 degree days in the winter.) Yesterday I saw what my family called ‘helicopter bugs’ flying around. This is a great opportunity for me to learn more about bugs and deepen my relationship with them.

Let’s Enter The World of Bugs With Empathy and Compassion

The flies have simply been all-pervasive in this weather. Not only are they swarming around, they have the audacity to bite me! I remember in my childhood when my mom and grandma would walk around with fly swatters, taking aim and killing the flies. I must admit that’s been my knee-jerk reaction to the flies, wanting to kill them off so they would leave me alone. How’s that for a mature attitude? Luckily my aim is bad and the flies are smarter and faster than I am. This has given me the opportunity to pull on my big-girl pants and ask the flies what the message is for me in the biting. (Find out more about the messages from insects here.)

Years ago I read the book The Voice of the Infinite in the Small by Joanne E. Lauck. It’s definitely time to reread that book as it was such a mind opener for me. The Amazon page says “Understanding the Infinite in the Small is less a book about insect biology and behavior than it is about reinventing ourselves as a non-hostile species. It is a unique psychological and spiritual perspective on insects and the recasting of our relationship to this Lilliputian world. The popular culture never rises above issues of power. It is in this mode then that we are caught between opposites: either we kill the insects, or we are defeated by them. We rarely see a third possibility. We rarely put down our weapons long enough to consider the effect we might have if we entered their world with empathy and compassion. Perhaps we underestimate the powers of providence that would suddenly appear if we could align ourselves with the earth and the small creatures that serve it so faithfully. It’s time to try.

True, very true. It’s time for us humans to genuinely start understanding and respecting ALL the sentient souls with whom we share this planet.

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