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It’s Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day!

cat face closeup black background

Hoho! What a day it is – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! I bet all communicatin’-lovin’, cat-lovin’ folks are reveling in this day.

You know the cats are. They wait not-so-patiently for this day to roll around each year. You can tell they’re impatient for it because of the way they will give you the stink eye right before they smack one of your beloved knick-knacks off the cabinet. Which they’re not supposed to be on to begin with.

So, the cats have no problems asking their questions. We humans, however, can be a little slow on the uptake in hearing Kitty’s questions. Which, of course, does not make Kitty a happy camper.

How To Listen To Your Cat’s Questions

Here are some ways to help you converse with your cat, helping you to stay in your cat’s good graces.

  • Go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed
  • Quiet your body and your mind
  • Imagine yourself in a quiet, safe place.  Only that which has your best interest at heart will be with you in this quiet, safe place
  • Ask you cat if this is a good time to listen to their questions. If it is, proceed. If not, ask her/him to let you know when it is a good time
  • Sit quietly with Kitty, letting her/him take the lead. If Kitty wants to be on your lap, let Kitty do so. If Kitty doesn’t want to be held, honor Kitty’s wants
  • Pay attention to any images, feelings (physical or emotional), pictures, sounds, thoughts, words, colors, songs, etc that come to you
  • Respond to what you receive – it’s not your imagination, it’s coming from Kitty (and you know how direct Kitty is…)
  • When done, thank Kitty for asking the questions and taking the time to listen to your answers

Now, here’s my question for you. In the days and weeks to come, do you notice your relationship with Kitty has changed? Leave your comments, I’d love to hear!

Here’s To New Beginnings,


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