Animal Communicator: Detective, Not Dictator

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Are you familiar with the story of how I became an animal communicator? You can read it in it’s entirety here, but here’s a brief synopsis: I adopted an 8 year old dog, Teddy,¬† got him home where he peed and pooped all over the house. The vet said he was healthy, the untried trainer I had called in was not a good match for either me or Teddy. I ran across an ad for an animal communicator, and, being at my wits end, gave her a call.

That’s the story.

One thing I did learn at that time, animal communication is not magic. The communicator did not come in and wave a magic wand, making everything hunky-dory in one short conversation. It took some sleuthing on her part to discover what was happening.

There was work involved and both Teddy and I had homework. It was worth it. Until his dying day, Teddy did a great job of keeping the house clean. (Good boy, Teddy!!!)

So many of my clients call me at their wits end, feeling exactly the same way I did when I made that first call to an animal communicator. And like me, so many expect the animal communication to be magical and ‘fix’ whatever problem they are experiencing with their animal pal. It is not uncommon for me the hear: “Tell Fluffy to start using the litter box. If she doesn’t start using the litter box, we’re just going to have to take her back to the humane society/shelter/family from where she came”.

Problems (like not using the litter box, aggressive behavior, etc) don’t just begin overnight, what are the chances they will be rectified overnight? There are many factors at play here, and each factor has its own part to play during an animal communication session.

One factor I find that is often unconsciously overlooked is our relationship with our animal pals. One that is of ‘relationship-with’ instead of ‘power-over’. Even with the best intentions and as much as we love our animal family, we humans sooner or later fall back into that old knee-jerk-reaction-paradigm of ‘I’m the human, do as I say’.

We can’t help it, we’re only human.

Telling, or demanding of an animal that a certain behavior be ‘fixed….or’ doesn’t work. Put yourself in your animal pal’s place – how do you react when someone gives you an either-or ultimatum? Not well, I’m imagining. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard that referred to as ‘bullying’.

Animal communication, after all, is about relationship. If Fluffy is not using the litter box appropriately, ask her why. If Bingo is charging every dog that comes near him, get his perspective on the matter. Explore, question what’s going on, see the situation from your animal pal’s point of view. You’ll be amazed at what you find out.

In animal communication, being a detective gives you far more credit and respect in the animal’s eyes than being a demanding dictator.

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Janet Roper

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