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Animal Communication: Why Kill the Messenger?

Cicada close up on pavement

The Spider

Recently it took me 48 hours to get a load of laundry done.

Not because I was procrastinating or the machine was broken.

Not because I was on vacation, or anything cool like that.

It took me 48 hours to get my laundry done because Charlotte the Spider was in there and I couldn’t get her out. Every time I opened the lid, she would scurry off and hide.

I tried frequently over those 2 days to get Charlotte out of the machine. I cajoled, pleaded, used my best animal communication skills.

Nope, she liked it in there and she was determined to stay.

And who wants Charlotte’s death by laundry on their hands? Not me, for sure.

The Cicada

During this time I was at a store and overheard a conversation between two folks, one being an exterminator. They were discussing the huge number of cicadas that are out this year. How many there are, how noisy they are, what a nuisance they are.

The exterminator shared some very interesting Cicada facts. Did you know:

  • They have large eyes, short antennae and well developed wings
  • They are often called locusts (when I was growing up we called them katydids)
  • They don’t bite or string
  • They use their song to attract appropriate mates
  • They live underground for most of their life cycle, and emerge about every 17 years to molt and mate

With a gleam in his eye, the exterminator continued talking about why it’s important to kill them and started describing the process he uses. I stopped listening.

The Message

When you’re hooked on animal communication, animal wisdom and animal totems, you know that animals have messages for us and they ARE our guides and teachers when we are ready to listen to them and receive their wisdom.

Of course, each animal delivers messages specific to the human with whom they are conversing, but in general Cicada talks about:

  • Looking for patterns in your life and examining them
  • Singing your own song – let your voice be distinct and heard
  • Finding the joy in your life

In her latest post, Talk2theAnimals columnist Tracie Nichols talks about the extinction of Little Brown Bats and what happens if we lose them? She poses the question: how will our collective harmonic balance without the unique vibration of the Little Brown Bat?

Isn’t that a magnificent question? I love it.

My question for you is “Why”? Why are we humans so insistent on killing sentient beings? What do we gain by killing the messenger? What are we afraid of? Are we being selfish, not wanting to share ‘our’ world with them, or do we lack the courage to look at these creatures as fellow sentient souls and hear the messages they have for us?

My mom used to call that ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’.  It seems we humans excel at that.

Next time you see Spider or hear Cicada, don’t call the exterminator, don’t reach for the Raid. Instead, ask yourself what message this sentient being has for you.

We know that All Creatures Do Better When ALL Creatures Do Better. It is we humans who could afford to do better, and who could afford to receive the wisdom from the animal kingdom.




  1. Rev. Anne Presuel October 22, 2014 at 9:20 am #

    Hi, Janet –

    How I love animals and bugs and all creatures. Yet this year, we’ve had the invasion of the ants in our kitchen that has been driving me bonkers. I’m seriously considering an exterminator, something I swore I’d never do, but I so seriously dislike ants in my kitchen. I take spiders out, roaches out (rare), but I just can’t collect all the ants and escort them out.

    I know the ants bring a message. Apparently I haven’t gotten it yet, although I have looked and listened and applied what I thought they were telling me. Yet still they come. What do you do in a situation like this?

    (Did Charlotte the spider ever leave your washing machine?) 🙂


    • Janet Roper October 22, 2014 at 9:28 pm #

      Hi Anne,
      Wowsers, do I ever hear what you are saying. I’ve had 2 experiences with ants in my house and neither time did I need to call an exterminator. One was when I was selling my house and right before a showing there was a puddle – I mean a BIG puddle – of ants in the living room. They had never been there before. I explained to them why they needed to stay out of the house, and then apologized, saying I did need to help them leave. I got a soft brush and dust pan and brushed them up as gently as I could and took them outside. They never came back, at least while I was there. Here is the story of my most recent adventure with the ants.

      I admire you for all the steps you are taking – sometimes it takes longer for them to leave than we would like.

      Yes, I was finally able to get Charlotte the Spider out of the washing machine 😉 and now Centipede is hanging out in the washing machine. It must be a magical place for them. 😉

      I hope this helps, keep me posted!



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