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Want 5 Helpful Tips You Can Use Today to Start Communicating with Animals?

Animal Communication Tip 101: Give Your Animal Pal a Job

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If you’re nervous about communicating with your beloved animal companion, here’s a tip to help get you started:

The next time you leave home, verbally give your pet a job to do while you’re gone. Make sure this is a job that comes naturally to your animal companion. For instance, my dog Emmie is a born barker. When I leave, I always tell her: “You guard until I come home.” She understands she’s on guard duty, and she protects our house by barking.

When you return, ask your pet if he did his job while you were gone, and how it went. Open your heart and intuition to what your pet says. At first you may find it easier to rely on body language, but as you begin to feel more comfortable, you’ll start to receive your pet’s answers through your psychic abilities: clairvoyance-seeing, clairaudience- hearing, clairsentience-feeling, or possibly even clairgustance-smelling.

Trust the information that first comes to you. Remember, out of all the millions and billions of thoughts in the world that could have come to you, this is what did come to you. There’s a reason for that. The more you practice this, the easier it will become not only to pick up what your pet is saying, but to trust the information you receive.

Here are some potential benefits to this exercise:

  • You will open the lines of communication between you and your pet.
  • You will start to feel more at ease with the idea of talking to animals.
  • You will start to gain confidence in your skills.
  • You will deepen and strengthen your relationship with your pet.

Do you need help telling you animal pal what you would like them to do while you’re gone? I’m happy to help you – book your session here.


Janet Roper

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