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Janet nurtures and helps deepen the animistic bond between humans and all sentient beings, helping to build right relationship that fosters understanding, agency and well-being for all.

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Pre-Session Information

Animal Communication is connecting and developing relationships with animals through the sense of intuition. I intuitively connect with your animal companion (alive or deceased), opening lines of discourse between you and your animal friend and thereby creating a win/win situation for all involved. We can connect with as many of your animal comrades in a session as time permits.

I don’t need to be in the presence of your animal to connect with her/him, as I will be connecting intuitively with him/her. This surprises many people, especially those who are experiencing animal communication for the first time.

What I need from you

Your animal’s name, age, sex, species, breed and coloring. If we are doing a session via phone or Zoom, you can give me this information at the beginning of the session itself. The only thing I would need in advance from you is a picture of your animal, taken within 48 hours of our scheduled session. You can email me it to me. If we are doing an email session, please email me this information along with your questions.

Sample questions

Sometimes people find it difficult to come up with questions for their animal pal. Here’s a partial list to get you started:

    • How are you feeling ? (physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually)
    • Why do you do (think of a behavior)?
    • What do you need from me?
    • How can I help you?
    • How do you feel about other family members?
    • What do you want me to know?
    • Do you have a message for me?
    • Why are you in my life?

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Janet Roper

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