Our Dragon Allies

Radio mic in studio black and white

Recently on Talk2theAnimalsRadio Raven Many Voices, a renowned Pacific Northwest spiritual counselor, intuitive healer, medium and international speaker shared information about the recurrence of Dragons. Not only did Raven share information, she shared a message from Dragon. Below is the transcription of the message, click hear the entire interview.

“Little Ones, please know that we love you, that now is not a time to hesitate, but a time to expand. Expand your breath, expand your wings to expand your dreams. It’s time to dig out all those dreams of those far away places and things you have been wanting to do. It is time to look at them again. The doorways of possibilities of energy are open for you. BEWARE of what you focus on, you will create. It is time to focus on the positive, focus on the dreams that help  humanity and all of creation and community, and to bring that forward now. And we are happy to help you. So be it.”


Janet Roper

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