Animal Communication is about HONOR

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When we are in communication and connection with another creature, I see one of the foundational points as being in a place where we can honor that creature as well as ourselves.  It is when we have mutual respect that a relationship can be created from a place of power with, and not power over another.

As you are practicing your animal communication, think of the word HONOR and what it means:

H stands for HONESTY.  Be honest in the communication with what you hear and what you say.  To be honest with ourselves, we need to be aware of where we are coming from in the conversation….what is the end goal regarding this talk? We are honest with the other party when we do more than hear their words, we listen to the meaning behind the words.

O means OPENESS.  We are open to the flow of the conversation and do not have a hidden agenda in mind.

N signifies ‘NTUITION.  Be willing to open your intuition so you can receive the communication through all channels through which it might be sent.  Do you have a physical or emotional feeling? Be willing to stay with that feeling, see what part it plays in the communication.  Your ‘ntuition will give you clues, bring those clues to your conscious mind.

O conveys OWN SELF.  Be true to your own self in the conversation.  Speak with integrity from your experience, not some one else’s experience.

R stands for RESPECT.  Respect the animal you are talking with, yourself and the flow of the conversation.

When you Talk2theAnimals, think of the word HONOR.  The animals will sense that and be opening and willing to meet you half way!


Janet Roper

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