Animal Communication and Inquiring Minds: What If I’m Not Hearing Anything From the Animal?

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I often receive questions from my clients, animal communication students and lay animal communicators asking about problems they are experiencing when they try to practice animal communication on their own. Sometimes we just need a little nudge to help us around that problem or block. That’s what Animal Communication and Inquiring Minds is about – helping YOU become more confident in your intuitive abilities, thereby bringing you closer to connecting with the animals!

Today’s question: I’m not getting anything when I try to connect with the animals. Does that mean I can’t communicate with animals?

Answer: Absolutely not, that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with animals, or any other sentient beings for that matter. Banish that thought from your mind! It just means it’s time to take a closer look at what’s happening and tweaking your approach, if needed.

Even though you are working with your intuition, approach your animal communication practice practically and methodically.

First of all, remove the word ‘try’ from your vocabulary. In the words of  Yoda “Do or do not. There is no try”. Approach your animal communication practice practically and methodically. Get a notebook for yourself and create your own animal communication journal. Take notes on your communications, remembering to observe only, don’t judge. Observe what does work for you when you are communicating with the animals and build on those strengths. Remember, the animals and sentient beings come to you in the way you are most open to receiving them.
Some days it can feel as if it’s easier to pull teeth than to connect with the sentient beings.  There can be various reasons for that:
  • Your companion may not have anything to say on the topic at hand
  • S/he may not feel like talking
  • The timing may not be right to receive particular information – timing plays a big part in communication of all kinds. Sometimes we simply need to wait until our partner in conversation feels comfortable enough to share any information
  • You may be blocking the information that is sent

Here is a list of common blocks when it comes to connecting intuitively with the animals. If you recognize any of these blocks in your own practice, well, congratulations! The hardest work can be in recognizing a block exists; once a block is recognized, it’s simply a matter of removing it.

When this happens to me (and it does from time to time!) I ask myself  “What’s standing between me and receiving the information?”. That question allows me to look at what’s happening in a detached manner. Once I’m detached, I am able to observe what’s happening and alter my approach to the conversation.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you have discovered for yourself when you’re not hearing from the animal.


Janet Roper

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