Animal Communication 101 – From the Animal’s Perspective

Cat with vase

Cat with vase

When I am communicating with an animal, my goal is to look at life through their perspective. This takes some getting used to, after all, I’m minus whiskers, fins, trunk and tail!

Here’s a game you can play this is both fun and will give you experience looking at life from an animal’s perspective.

Pretend you are your pet, then examine an item in your house from her/his perspective. Let’s say you’re a cat, and the item you’re eyeing is the vase that has been so inconsiderately placed on the top of a bookshelf. Here are some possible questions you can ask yourself:

  • See the vase. What does it look like from your position? Are you looking up from the floor? Have you jumped on a table to get a better view? Are you looking directly at the vase? Do you have a plan of action to get to the vase? If so, what is it?
  • Feel what you’re standing on. What does the texture feel like on the pads of your feet? Do you have claws? What does that feel like? Does the position of your tail make a difference in how you’re feeling the surface?
  • Listen to the sounds surrounding you. Listen with cat ears, not your ears. A cat’s hearing is strikingly superior to that of a human. As you’re eyeing the vase, are you distracted by the sound of a mouse in the background?
  • Smell what is around you. Can you smell a mouse? Cats depend on smell for their survival. What else do you smell?
  • Is there a taste you are experiencing?

What was that like for you? I invite you to record your impressions and experiences in your animal communication journal. Recording your experiences will help you verify your experiences, as well as allowing you to look back on earlier experiences and note your progress.

Have fun!


Janet Roper

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